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The Whatsapp messaging service currently holds the top spot for being the most used messaging application in the world; so it is a no brainer to utilize this app to grow and streamline your business.

With a WhatsApp chatbot, you can do anything you want to – Want to add a new sales channel that won’t cost you time and a bucketload of money? That can be done. Or maybe you need to ease the burden for customers wanting to book appointments? That can be done as well. Or maybe your company needs an internal or external support desk contact system? You guessed it, it can be done.

The possibilities are endless. Chatbots are currently being rolled out in every sector possible – Banking/finance, retail, travel, education, health care, customer care, real estate, automotive and ICT industries to name a few.

We, at Siunattu Solutions strive to show you what our chatbot solution will accomplish for you and your business, so that you can be assured your business is taking a step in the right direction. Utilizing a chatbot for your business increases you business’ market presence and eliminates the need for customers to install seperate, costly applications.

WhatsApp Chatbot


R1000 pm

  • WhatsApp Number Included
  • 1000 Server Reponses(Messages)
  • Generic Message Template
  • 500MB Database Storage
  • Email Support
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R3750 pm

  • WhatsApp Number Included
  • 3750 Server Reponses(Messages)
  • Customizable Message Template
  • 1GB Database Storage
  • Phone and Email Support
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R9750 pm

  • WhatsApp Number Included
  • 9000 Server Responses(Messages)
  • Customizable Message Template
  • 3GB Database Storage
  • Priority Phone and Email Support
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