Hosted Exchange

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Why (what impact will it have on my business)?

  • You don’t need your own hardware
  • There are no support costs
  • There is no capex for new hardware / software licensing
  • There is no risk of obsolescence, no need for frequent upgrades
  • It’s easy to migrate from an existing scenario

We offer a seamless and pain-free migration from the following existing scenarios:

  • Pop email address from any provider
  • IMAP
  • On premise Exchange Server / Small Business Server

Core features & benefits

  • A more affordable option than a full Microsoft solution
  • Synchronised mailboxes across all devices
  • Your own domain (for clients still on generic POP account)
  • No reliance on in house exchange server – no maintenance, no downtime, no license costs, and a potential saving on hardware replacement
  • Full redundancy of data, which means excellent business continuity AND helps with POPI compliance
  • Ability to add branding